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Martin City Remodel
  • Forty-five years ago, Jack Fiorella decided to continue his family’s business in Martin City, Missouri; a small town with a huge heart. At the time, some said it was a strange place to set up shop – especially given the highly competitive barbecue...

  • Without a doubt, 2019 has been an incredible year for our team – and with change in the air, we thought it was a great time to update our guests on all the exciting things happening at our Martin City restaurant.

  • Thanks to our incredible construction crew, the new cook space in Martin City is close to becoming an operational reality. It’s hard to believe, but the new kitchen will be ready for its full-build out in just two short weeks. In short: It’s an excit

Jack Stack Barbecue is a fourth-generation family-owned barbecue restaurant with five locations in Kansas City. Note: This blog is 100% vegan – but the content is not.
Jack Stack Barbecue Blog